Partner since: 2020
Refugee origin: Afghanistan
Refugee location: New Delhi, India

Archisha is an Indian social enterprise based in New Delhi that strives to use craft as a means to empower marginalized women from India, as well as refugees. Archisha artisans specializes in the production of jewelry and fashion accessories. By offering training and linking their products to markets, Archisha creates income-earning opportunities for the women they work with. Archisha is a member of Fair Trade Forum India.

Refugee Artisan Group

Afghan refugees, living in Malviya Nagar in South Delhi, work with Archisha. These artisans specialize in intricate crochet of Zari threads, which are traditionally made of very fine filaments of silver or gold.Currently, the artisan group consists of 96 women. The majority of these artisans come from communities in which women are not encouraged to work outside the home. Artisan work is one of the few income-earning opportunities that these women can pursue given the conservative culture of their families.

Afghanistan emergency

Learn more about the Afghanistan Emergency and UNHCR's work in the region.


My dream is to support my daughters, build a brighter future for them and ensure that they are able to pursue their education in whatever field they want. We hope that through MADE51 and UNHCR’s support, our daughters will be able to achieve this dream.

- Parween, Afghan refugee in Pakistan