The MADE51 Pledge

The MADE51 Pledge

UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, is calling upon the private sector and donors to support refugees by joining the MADE51 pledge, which will launch at the Global Refugee Forum in Geneva, Switzerland on 13 December 2023.

The MADE51 pledge urges the private sector to utilize their supply chain and core business strengths to bring positive and lasting impact for refugees. The pledge will collate the commitments of private sector companies, donors, and MADE51 social enterprise partners to drive economic inclusion of refugees in the artisan sector. The MADE51 pledge is also embedded in the UNHCR Mega Pledge on Economic Inclusion and Social Protection. 

Our ambition

Through collective action, we aim to bring together commitments totaling:

  • 15 million USD in refugee-made product orders, enabling refugees to earn income through craft
  • 5 million USD in pro-bono support to drive greater market access for refugee-made products
  • 9 million USD in funding to help MADE51 operate and reach new countries and artisan groups

If this commitment is realized and implemented by 2027, the expected outcome is:

  • 15,000 refugees earning income working in Fair Trade conditions with social enterprises in their host countries
  • 60,000 artisan beneficiaries supported through increased household income
  • Over 4 million people and 50,000 new customers reached through products and associated stories, helping promote acceptance and public support for forcibly displaced people

How private sector companies & donors can join the pledge

1. Annually ordering and delivering MADE51 products with aligned storytelling to your customer base. This can include MADE51- designed products, brand collaborations or product components. Companies and donors are also encouraged to explore cause-related marketing, corporate gifting and employee gifting. Explore our corporate gift catalogue.

2. Contributing pro-bono support to MADE51’s ecosystem in areas such as marketing, design, logistics, operations or other areas of expertise.

3. Committing to annual funding dedicated to supporting refugee livelihoods through MADE51, to promote the growth and impact of this unique model.

Why join The MADE51 Pledge? 

MADE51 provides a sustainable model for social and economic inclusion of refugees. By supporting the MADE51 Pledge, companies and donors will make a significant difference in the lives of refugees who need livelihoods opportunities to sustain themselves and flourish. Likewise, when companies and donors support MADE51 by bringing products and associated storytelling to the public, their customers, or their employees, they are also helping change perceptions of refugees. MADE51 showcases refugees as talented, positive contributors, helping creating greater acceptance of forcibly displaced people around the world. 

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