Brand collaborations

We collaborate with global brands to create bespoke products or product components. These collaborations drive impact for refugees by bringing them work, and by creating more awareness and market demand for their skills.

Consumers are increasingly seeking out ethical brands. Research has demonstrated buyers have a willingness to pay more for socially conscious products and seek out brands that have a demonstrated commitment to responsible sourcing and production.

Through brand collaborations, we offer a pathway for global brands to be part of the solution to the refugee crisis and offer consumers meaningful products. Our unique model, delivered by UNHCR in collaboration with the World Fair Trade Organization, offers buyers the opportunity to procure with upmost confidence of the working conditions behind the products they are bringing to market.

Collaboration Highlight: MADE51 x Chloé

Chloé engaged refugee women to produce components they incorporated into their products. The first collection brought the craftsmanship of Afghan refugee women into Chloé’s accessories range, including their iconic Marcie and Woodie handbags. Chloé is a French luxury brand, known for ethical craftsmanship and free-spirited femininity, that recently became a certified B Corporation.

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The forcibly displaced have the culture they are born into running through their veins, and the displacement experience makes them keener to show the uniqueness and richness of their culture.And when they do so, the beauty and power displayed is beyond our imagination.

- Uma Wang


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