Entrepreneurship and Community Development Institute


Partner since: 2021
Refugee origin: Afghanistan
Refugee location: Pakistan

Entrepreneurship and Community Development Institute (ECDI) is a not-for-profit economic development organisation based in Pakistan. ECDI aims to create an enabling environment for the economic advancement of women and actively promotes their integration into mainstream markets. ECDI works to build business acumen, creative skills, and empowerment.

Refugee Artisan Group

A group of 58 Afghan refugee women work with ECDI in Pakistan. The group specialise in the production of intricate embroidery applied to home decor items and fashion accessories.

UNHCR Pakistan

Learn more about UNHCR's work in Pakistan.


We will always be more than just a store – we want to engage at a deeper level with homebound, rural women in far flung areas, and support them in developing products that can be sold to a wider market.

- Polly & Other Stories