Partner since: 2019
Refugee origin: Afghanistan
Refugee location: New Delhi, India

Silaiwali is a social enterprise operating in New Delhi, India. SilaiWali works with Afghan refugee women to design and make handmade dolls, accessories and home decor. SilaiWali products are made from off-cut material from the large manufacturing sector in India. Transforming scrap materials into something new is a path to sustainable income for SilaiWali's artisans, as well as a way to make a contribution to the global effort to create a healthier planet.

Refugee Artisan Group

A group of 52 refugee artisans from Afghanistan, of which 96% are women, work with SilaiWali. The artisans work together in a bright workshop. In addition to their work, they share meals and learn more about their host community from the founders of SilaiWali. Many of the artisans who started working with SilaiWali in recent years have been resettled to Canada, an inspiring solution for refugee women who had to endure great amounts of loss and uncertainty about their future.

Afghanistan Emergency

Learn more about the Afghanistan emergency UNHCR's work in the region.


Thanks to this job I can have a better idea about what new things I want to learn and how to learn them. When I started this job, which is my first job ever, it helped me think about what I wanted to do in life.

- Shabnam, former artisan with SilaiWali, now resettled in Canda