Partner since: 2020
Refugee origin: DR Congo
Refugee location: Nairobi, Kenya

Mifuko is a Finnish design company with a mission to bring joy to their customers while improving the welfare of women in rural areas of Africa. Each Mifuko product is a unique, handmade piece that combines modern Nordic design with traditional African craftsmanship.

Mifuko baskets, bags and home décor products are made by more than 1,300 women artisans in rural Kenya, Tanzania and Ghana, and sold in over 30 countries. Mifuko is a certified member of the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO).

Refugee Artisan Group

Congolese and Rwandan refugees living in Kenya work with Mifuko. Currently, the group consists of 8 artisans based in Nairobi that specialize in woodworking.

DR Congo Emergency

Learn more about the DR Congo emergency UNHCR's work in the region.


I inherited carving from my father who taught me the craft. He made masks and taught me how to make masks. I’m enjoying making the modern carvings, it’s different.

- Kapya, woodworker from DR Congo