Partner since: 2018
Refugee origin: Mali
Refugee location: Burkina Faso

A.A.K.S. was founded with the goal of introducing the world to weaving techniques done by the women of Ghana while also creating and igniting sustainable jobs within Africa. A.A.K.S. creates accessories and home decor items in a style that maintains the spirit and durability of their ancestral counterparts, characterized by a bright and modern aesthetic. AAKS works with refugee artisans to create captivating lampshades for the MADE51 Collection.

Refugee Artisan Group

A.A.K.S. collaborates with Malian refugees living in Burkina Faso. Currently, most of the women are based in or near Ouagadougou. In the past years security issues have forced refugees to move between refugee camps and the country's capital in search of safety. The refugees working with A.A.K.S. are Tuareg, an ethnic group that historically lived semi-nomadic lifestyles in a vast area of the Sahara desert. The Tuareg are widely renowned for their craftsmanship. Currently, the artisan group consists of ten women who specialize in weaving using locally sourced grasses and cotton thread.

Sahel emergency

Learn More about the Sahel emergency and UNHCR's work in the region.


I am proud of the work I deliver. With the money I make, I can feed my family and cover our basic needs.

- HADIJA, Refugee Artisan