Partner since: 2018
Refugee origin: Syria
Refugee location: Beirut, Lebanon

Ana Collection is a Lebanese social enterprise that works with Syrian refugee women to portray the hopeful voices, colorful dreams and stories of war-torn children and their families through embroidery. Ana Collection collects letters and drawings from refugee children and uses these as inspiration for the illustrations that adorn their collection of dolls and home decor. Through these items they spread the unheard, simple stories and aspirations of people who are forced to flee their homes.

Refugee Artisan Group

Ana Collection collaborates with Syrian refugees living in Lebanon, most of whom live in refugee communities in the outskirts of Beirut. Currently, over 70% of the artisans are women and they specialize in embroidery and sewing.

Syria Emergency

Learn more about the Syrian refugee crisis and UNHCR's work in the region


We want to spread the unheard, simple stories and aspirations of everyday people like you, people like me who are forced daily to flee their homes. Their hopes and identities are being muffled by the blinded media, the stubborn big powers and the selfish hands of time.

- Ana Collection