Partner since: 2021
Refugee origin: Sudan
Refugee location: Egypt

ByHand is a home décor company based in Cairo, Egypt whose goal is to introduce the incredible crafts of Africa to the world. ByHand aims to make the relationship with each of their artisans a sustainable, long term process and to offer opportunities for artisans to connect and collaborate across cultures. ByHand housewares range display a wide range of craftsmanship, from carving to weaving to metalwork. Their collection includes cushions, lighting, tableware and furniture.

Refugee Artisan Group

Currently, eight Sudanese refugees living in Cairo work with ByHand. The artisans are women and they have a wide range of skills, including carving and weaving.

Sudan Emergency

Learn more about the Sudan Emergency and UNHCR's work in the region.


We learned this craft from a young age back home. We teach it to our children, too. When there are no alternatives and no education, basketry and similar crafts become sole sources of income. It is also part of our heritage, so even if you are a doctor or a college professor, you know how to do this work by hand.

- Rashida, refugee artisan