Partner since: 2018
Refugee origin: Syria
Refugee location: Jordan

Social Enterprise Project (SEP) is a fashion and lifestyle business with a social impact focus based in Amman, Jordan. SEP was the first Jordanian private company to set up in the Jerash “Gaza” Camp in Jordan. SEP works with artists and craftswomen who are also Syrian refugees. Refugees working with SEP create a line of fashion accessories that includes scarves, shawls, and bags, as well as a home décor line. With SEP, refugees have the opportunity for sustainable employment, empowerment, and independence.

Refugee Artisan Group

SEP works with Syrian refugees that were forcibly displaced and are living in Jerash Camp in Jordan. Approximately 6.6 million individuals have fled Syria due to war and violence. In Jordan, 670,000 Syrian refugees are living in urban areas and refugee camps. Jordan is the No. 2 host country of Syrian refugees after Lebanon. After 10 years of crisis, many Syrian refugees face increasing poverty everyday. Through SEP, refugees are consistently empowered to create. By producing their line of fashion accessories and home décor items, these refugees are able to participate in the global artisan value chain and pursue stable work.

Syria Emergency

Learn more about Syrian refugees and UNHCR's work in the region.


Since I started working at SEP I have been feeling stronger and more independant. I am happy to working alongside my husband building our future together. I will do my best to provide our daughter with opportunities I never had myself.

- Zainab, Refugee Artisan

SEP Jordan

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SEP Jordan


SEP Jordan

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