Partner since: 2018
Refugee origin: Syria, Iraq
Refugee location: Jordan

Tribalogy is a Social Enterprise based in Zarqa, Jordan working with Syrian, Iraqi, and Palestinian refugees and host-community artisans from marginalised communities, including bedouin tribes. Tribalogy’s goal is to help these women create brighter futures for themselves and their families. With Tribalogy, artisans collaborate to create fashionable accessories and home decor products that reflect their heritage and preserve their culture.

Refugee Artisan Group

Tribalogy collaborates on MADE51 products with Syrian and Iraqi refugees living in Jordan. Currently, the artisan group consists of 17 women based in Zataari Refugee Camp, the world's largest refugee camp for Syrian refugees. These refugees are experts in cross-stitch embroidery, which they apply to contemporary items like travel bags and laptop cases.

UNHCR Jordan

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Instead of adding just another product to the already cluttered world, we would like to present something special with a soul, a craftwork made by the hands of those who are in need.

- Tribalogy