Strategic partnerships

MADE51 has been created as a global collaborative initiative that relies on the support of Strategic Partners and Social Enterprise Partners to create sustainable livelihoods for forcibly displaced artisans.

Strategic partnerships with industry experts

Our Strategic Partners are industry-leaders who have committed to offer long-term support to UNHCR to build and scale MADE51. The focus areas for our Strategic Partnerships are:

Product Design

We pursue collaborations with designers to ensure product design is both contemporary and a reflection of patterns, motifs, and techniques relevant to refugees’ cultures.

Business toolkit & legal support

We work with business consultants and legal firms to offer a business toolkit, tailored business development coaching, and legal support to our social enterprise partners to ensure they have the acumen and resources to effectively set up and manage refugee-made product lines.

Technology Solutions

Through collaboration with technology firms, we are creating and implementing technological solutions to ensure efficient production by closing communication gaps, helping artisans manage orders, and controlling quality.

Marketing Platform

Together with firms specialising in branding and communications, we market refugee-made products under the MADE51 brand. Building a recognisable brand enables us to create trust, generate demand amongst retailers and consumers, and tell refugees’ stories. As the brand grows, we can uplift our local social enterprise partners and refugee artisans through increased orders.

We seek additional support from experts in the following areas: retail, design, tech solutions, impact measurement, project funding, logistics, fulfilment, and access to finance. If you are interested in collaborating with us in these areas, please learn more about our current needs or get in touch.

Strategic partnerships

I love that feeling of being connected with the world - we create in Armenia, but our products reach people on the other side of the globe. MADE51 is making magic.

- Armenian Refugee Artisan